Our Mission

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Our Mission

“The ultimate aim of any education system is to equip children with the numeracy, literacy and wider skills that they need to realize their potential – and that their countries need to generate jobs, innovation and economic growth.”  ~ Kevin Watkins, Senior Fellow at Brookings Centre for Universal Education

Jacqueline Wolfson is the founder and CEO of the Shule Foundation.

Having spent a lot of time volunteering for different charities across East Africa since 2008, Jacqueline got inspired by the many kids she has met over the years to launch Shule. The foundation’s ultimate goal is to bring quality education to boys who are denied this fundamental human right.

Many of the children she meets on the streets of Uganda are very intelligent, despite having little to no access to education due to their family’s econimic status. Resulting in their potential often being unfulfilled.

This charity aims to change that.

“Education is a human right. We believe this right should be protected, regardless of where a child lives or the socio-economic status of their family.” ~ Jaqueline Wolfson, CEO of Shule Foundation