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mothers and daughters living in rural africa

Education that Transforms the Lives 

The sad reality is children living on the continent of Africa must have parents, guardians or a sponsor able to cover the cost of school fees in order for them to receive an education. And, for the majority of African children who are able to attend, the quality of education they receive inadequately prepares them to succeed in the workforce. Shule not only understand this conundrum, but has come up with a viable solution.

Tackling both the economic and educational downfalls, our approach will transform the lives of women, girls and entire communities on a global scale. Household income has a direct effect on educating one’s children. The quality of education available is directly correlated with a child’s ability to succeed in the real world. 

By systematically addressing both issues Shule's scalable and replicable solution will improve the quality of education available, increase family income, empower women and girls, produce a more financially independent and better educated population living across rural Africa.

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Preschool for girls in Africa
Kitalu Shule Project
Women and agriculture in Uganda Africa
Miche Project