Volunteer and Internships

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities


Are you passionate, dedicated, and ready to change the world? Be part of the journey to change the future of Uganda’s children. From raising funds and awareness to donating your time and expertise, there are many ways to support Shule Foundation as a volunteer or intern, either stateside or abroad! Scroll down to learn more.

Join Us On A Kyokola Trip

“Kyokola” means service in Luganda, one of the national languages of Uganda. Service is the ultimate goal of this trip. This is a rare opportunity to improve the overall well-being of children who live on the streets in Uganda. Some of the most widespread challenges facing street connected children are a lack of adequate access to education, skills training, medical care, sanitation and nutritious food. Our service project combats all of these key problems and more.

When you volunteer with us, you will gain a rich experience immersing yourself in the community by living and working closely with local Ugandans. Learn the language, enjoy the food, and experience the culture!

To join us in Uganda, email us at info@shulefoundation.org to learn more!

Not Able to Join Us in Uganda, Help Us From Home


Other Ways to Support Us
  • Talk to everyone you know about the Shule Foundation. Your enthusiasm is worth a thousand mailings.
  • Donate your time and expertise (especially you lawyers, accountants and fundraisers).
  • Throw a party to raise funds and awareness for Shule.
  • Create a fundraising page on CrowdRise, and encourage friends and family to help you reach your goal.  
  • Donate airline miles to help offset travel costs.
  • Put Shule forward for a collection in your faith group.
  • Celebrate a special occasion, and ask friends and family to donate to Shule in place of a gift.