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Shule Outreaches

It all starts on the streets…

With over 15,500 children living on the streets in four major districts across Uganda, Shule spends a lot of time on the streets building relationships with homeless boys living in Kampala and Mbale.

Weekly Outreach

The team of volunteers that work with our charity in Uganda visit children on the streets several times a week to engage with the boys and identify new arrivals.

The children are invited to our Drop-In Centre so that we can better bond with the kids and build trust. It is at our Drop-In-Center were we counsel the boys and begin preparing those who want to leave street life behind and be reunited with their families.

During street visits we:

  • Interact with children one-on-one
  • Offer counseling
  • Discuss children’s rights
  • Provide urgent medical care
  • Deliver food
  • Pay for showers
Monthly Outreach

As well as our regular visits, once a month we partner with other organizations and corporations to host a full day of activities for children living on the streets.

The day consists of:

  • Registration
  • Clothes Distribution
  • Counseling and Workshops
  • Showering and Hair-cutting
  • Food, Beverages, Music, Dancing and Games
  • HIV Testing, TB Screening, Deworming and Medical Care

Looking to give back as a company or group? Sponsor an outreach. It is a great way to engage employees or group members. Email us at info@shulefoundation.org to learn more.

Shule Outreaches

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