Volunteer in Uganda

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Have you always wanted to volunteer in Uganda? Are you ready to help change the future of Uganda’s homeless children?

We have fantastic opportunities for passionate and dedicated volunteers to join us on a “Kyokola” volunteer trip.

“Kyokola” means “service” in Luganda, one of the national languages of Uganda, and service is the ultimate purpose of the trip.

With a focus on education, medical care, agriculture, skills training, sanitation and nutrition, by volunteering with Shule you’ll play a key part in addressing the needs of Uganda’s street children, serving them through the use of your time, talent, love and support.

When you volunteer with us, you’ll be immersed in the community, living and working with locals.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to learn some of the language, enjoy authentic Ugandan food and experience the culture.

To join us in Uganda, email us at info@shulefoundation.org

How does it look volunteering with us in Uganda? Well, you need to live it for yourself, but this is the Shule way…

All children have a right to a world-class education.

  • We provide street-connected children and those who have aged out of the classroom an educational experience that will prepare them to either go back to school or enter the workforce.
  • We offer financial assistance to children who were living on the streets through the completion of his or her education – be it university or technical and vocational training.

Education means more than just building schools and classrooms.

  • We create an environment of inclusion to break down the cultural divide and help level the playing field.
  • We offer a diverse learning environment that includes English, math, computers, skills training and agriculture. 
  • We allow children to grow by stepping beyond the basics–through exposure to the arts, music, and other extracurricular activities.

Cost-sharing model and other fee-generating programs

  • Each student's family is required to contribute either financially or in-kind, in whatever way they can.
  • Shule generates additional income from the sale of eggs, liquid soap, cakes, and other products produced by the boys through our skills training programs.

African children learn best from African leaders

  • We believe that the best teachers for Africans are Africans, which is why our team is mainly made-up of Ugandans
  • Local who understand the needs of their children and communities are key to the success of our kids.

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