Center for Eggsellence

Empowering AT-RISK BOYS Through Agriculture


Shule Foundation is launching an environmentally friendly egg-laying social enterprise based in Jeeja, Uganda, to give former street-connected boys a chicken-rearing opportunity. The Shule Center of Eggsellence will help young boys transform into independent and socially aware gentlemen capable of becoming leaders within their families and communities.

Shule's chicken rearing project offers homeless boys hands-on experience in chicken management and behavior skills; feed production and storage; egg collecting for sale or charity (if there are enough eggs); chicken brooding, poultry housing construction, and market research; that will ensure success!

We believe chicken farming offers a tremendous opportunity for at-risk youth living on the streets; it combines practical skills training, sustainable income generation, and access to a food source (eggs) that leads to optimum growth and good nutrition.

Activities such as these will teach the boys life skills that will empower them to become self-sufficient good humans who do not require handouts from others. Instead, the boys will learn how to work hard to create long-term incomes for themselves, allowing them to pay it forward.

Shule's goal is for the boys to graduate from the Shule Center of Eggsellence with improved lives and the skills to become role models for their future children and communities.


Eggs are a low-cost, high-nutrient food always accessible in developing countries like Uganda. Throughout the year, there is always a demand for eggs.


Shule's first henhouse will be home to 5000 egg-laying hens. Our layers will provide boys living on the streets and those at our centers with a daily intake of protein, hands-on experience in rearing chicken, teaching the kids how to operate and manage a poultry business, and generating additional income to help cover the costs of Shule's programs. 

Currently, Shule is raising money to purchase cages and pullets.

(100% of your gift will go to complete Shule's First Chicken Coop.)

The Shule Farm

Shule's 20-acre farm, located in the village of Jeeja, is home to 2 sows, ten piglets, five goats, two dogs, two roosters, and a countless number of free-roaming hens, each representing a child who was reunited with their family by Shule.  

Thirteen boys from our quarantine center help plant 2001 Eucalyptus and 250 Avocado trees in 2020/2021.

We have an irrigation and solar system—a borehole with a solar pump.

And a dedicated team that helps keep everything running.


• educates former street-connected boys on how to read different types of livestock and cultivate various crops properly.
• teaches adolescent boys how to manage and operate their own commercial farm.
• provide food for all children in Shule's programs and those living on the streets.
• generate income to sustain our programs.

ways you can help

Thanks to our supporters, we completed construction on our first chicken coop, getting us closer to the launch of our Center of Eggsellence. 

NOW we need your support to purchase cages and pullets to get to our first dozen.

You can also share your expertise or come and volunteer with us in Uganda. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us.