Shule Center for Eggsellence

Shule boys caring for egg-laying chicken at the Shule Center for Eggsellence.

Support the Shule Center for Eggsellence

When you purchase an egg-laying chicken or become a recurring donor to support our chicken farm you enable us to provide protein for the boys in our programs and generate income to sustain our work.Morgan holding a Shule egg-laying chicken from the Shule Center for Eggsellence.


*Just $10 covers the cost for 1 Pullet ($5.25) and feed for a month ($4.75).

*For every gift of $10, you can name your bird.

*For every donation of $30, we will engrave your name on a cage.

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Empowering At Risk-boys through Chicken Farming

Shule Foundation is launching The Shule Center for Eggsellence, an environmentally friendly and humane egg-laying social enterprise. The eggs from our farm will provide much-needed protein for boys still residing on the streets and those in our program. Selling the surplus of eggs will generate extra income for Shule to maintain our work.

The Shule Center for Eggsellence is located on our farm in Jeeja, Uganda. On-site, we have the first of many chicken coops that can house up to 5000 egg layers. The poultry social enterprise will act as a learning center for 50 homeless boys ranging from 11 to 18 years of age. The boys will live on the farm for an extended period as they prepare to renter society and identify the best educational path for themselves – formal or vocational training.

Chicken farming offers a tremendous opportunity for at-risk youth living on the streets; it combines practical skills training, sustainable income generation, and access to a food source (eggs) that leads to optimum growth and good nutrition.

Shule's chicken rearing project offers homeless boys hands-on experience in chicken management and behavior skills, feed production and storage, egg collecting for sale, chicken brooding, poultry housing construction, and market research; that will ensure success!

At the Center for Eggsellence, the boys will acquire the skills and knowledge they need to grow up to become socially aware, financially independent gentlemen.


Eggs from Shule's egg-laying chicken at the Shule Center for Eggsellence where boys learn poultry farming.

• educates former street-connected boys on how to rear different types of livestock and cultivate various crops properly.
• teaches adolescent boys how to manage and operate their own commercial farm.
• provide protein for all children in Shule's programs and those living on the streets within our community
• generate income to sustain our programs.


Eggs are a low-cost, high-nutrient food always accessible in developing countries like Uganda. Throughout the year, there is always a demand for eggs.


This year on our 20-acre farm in Jeeja, Uganda, six of our older boys worked alongside our contractor to complete construction on the first of many chicken coops. The boys' participation allowed them to acquire hands-on experience in building. A skill they can use throughout their lives.Shule chicken coop at the Shule Center for Eggsellence.

Now it's time to bring in birds and teach the boys how to rear chickens humanely. The boys will gain hands-on experience in managing and operating a livestock business by working side by side with our team of poultry experts.

The eggs from our chickens will provide protein for boys in our programs. And the sale of the surplus will generate income that will help to sustain our work. 

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Launch your own fundraiser on Facebook And Instagram (we can show you how)
  • Become a recurring donor and help cover our operating costs to run the chicken coop.
  • Spread the word - SHARE SHARE SHARE.

If you choose to become a recurring donor, you will help offset the operating cost for our poultry farm. This allows us to use the money to help get more boys off the streets and on a path to a better life.

Shule Foundation, Jackie Wolfson, street kids, Uganda, Kisenyi, education