Shule’s Computer Lab

Morgan's first time in a computer training class.

Shule's Computer School For Street Boys

Shule is putting an end to street boys being left out of local, government, and international programs designed to improve the lives of marginalized children across the globe ~ Jacqueline Wolfson, Shule Foundation Founder.

Shule is advancing digital democracy, addressing the significant inequalities and the lack of progression for children that are not digitally connected. The first-ever computer lab exclusively for street boys, the Shule Computer Lab offers computer classes to boys living on the streets six days a week. Taught by certified teachers, the classes will range from Introduction to Computer, Parts of a Computer, Input and Outputs Devices, Basic mouse and Keyboard Techniques, Typing Master, and Microsoft application programs that are from (MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Internet) to more advanced.

Our Digital Democracy training program addresses the need for IT literacy and basic programming as a soft skill within the next generation of the global workforce. Alongside this, Shule will provide an innovative and exciting opportunity to inspire street-connected boys to pursue a career in programming and software. 

Because our students come from the streets, Shule will provide the boys with two nutritious meals, access to our showering and clothing washing facilities, medical care when needed, and counseling. The boys' interest in computers grants us the perfect opportunity to work with kids to get them off the streets and reintegrate them into society.

Why Computers?

Computer proficiency is an absolute requirement for success in today's technology-driven environment.

We live in a technology-driven and technology-aided world. Computers are an essential part of the information age. Technical competence is a must. Yet millions of children are denied access to adequate computer vocational education and facilities. The Shule Computer Lab is changing that for boys living on the streets of Uganda.

Through our computer science and information technology courses, the boys will become better qualified and be able to obtain qualifications for jobs that were previously unavailable to them. This project helps bridge the Digital Divide and levels the playing field. In addition, the project offers new opportunities for street-connected boys to become computer-literate.

Technology is a powerful enabler. At the Shule Computer Lab, we are helping prepare street-connected boys for the 21st-century workplace with modern skills and competencies. By offering them technical education and basic computer skills training, the boys acquire hands-on experience that enables them to compete in the technology job market. 

After graduating from our program, the boys will be viable and competitive in the marketplace. By learning and understanding computer science, the boys will be able to explore various employment opportunities, rise above poverty, and contribute to national development.

Why Support the Shule Computer Lab?

Proficiency in computers is necessary for success in today's technology-driven society. We encourage you to start a monthly recurring donation here to help bridge the digital divide. Even a few dollars a month will go a long way. Please also share and invite your friends to consider supporting this ongoing project.

By donating to Shule's Computer Lab, you will help provide computer training and contribute to developing our technology centers. Your donation will provide computer skills and training to never included boys.

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring our computer skills training center for street boys, please email us at

Shule's Computer Program Will:

* Increase the country's GDP
* Reduce the number of boys living on the streets
* Reduce unemployment and crime rates in Uganda
* Create a program that can be duplicated and expanded
* Create general technology advancements and applicability.
* Help at-risk boys to reform by realizing their potential and worth
* Create employment opportunities for youths who otherwise would not have any.
* Provide computer literacy in software and hardware for boys living within the confines of the slums in Kampala.
* Train street-connected boys to become skilled, productive,e and creative in computers to compete in the international job market.

how it started

During the 2nd lockdown in 2021, Shule was gifted three desktop computers by Chris Stoner, a life coach and realtor. Looking for ways to keep the boys quarantining with us occupied, we began teaching them basic computer skills. Seeing the positive impact learning just the basics had on the boys, we knew we were on to something.

With an additional 12 laptops gifted to us by JDX Consulting of Delta Capita and retooled by Exigent Technologies, Shule is working to open the Shule Computer Lab that will give homeless boys computer programming skills. We will teach students using visual and text languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, and others to make computer games, animations, websites, and mobile apps. Those interested can learn how to fix all types of computers.

A Look to the Future

*Shule will work to secure well-established partnerships with companies such as Google, Dell, Glassdoor, Meta, Microsoft, etc., to help our graduates source computer-based work from our center and keep up with the ever-changing certification requirements they need to be competitive and viable. 

*Shule will act as a job placement center for the students to guarantee the boys are lifted out of poverty and ensure access to the global job market, fair wages, and job security.

*We will build community ICT learning centers across slums in Uganda, offering computer learning activities to children and youth without access to computers and ICT education.