Shule Foundation Moves Children Off The Streets

And Into The Classroom

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Education is a human right. We believe this right should be protected, regardless of where a child lives or the socio-economic status of their family. Through our programs, we work to expand the availability of quality educational opportunities — formal, technical and vocational — to marginalized children living across Uganda. Success for us means imparting to children the knowledge, practical, business and entrepreneurial skills they need to become globally minded citizens, to lift themselves out of poverty and breathe new life into their communities, their country and the world.

Our First Year by the Numbers

10,000 meals provided, 1,700 showers taken, 550 children clothed, 250 children received medical care, 450 kids HIV Tested and DeWormed, 38 children off the streets, 35 reunited with family, and 26 children back in school!

Watoto Mtaani Project

With an estimated 15,500 children living on the streets, Shule Foundation's Watoto Mtaani Project works with the most at-risk children across Uganda. We conduct outreaches, run a skills training center and transitional home, where we provide rehabilitation services, counseling, medical care, skills training, family reconciliation, educational sponsorship and so much more to some of the country's most disregarded children.  Shule's Watoto Mtaani Project (means "street children" in Swahili), moves kids off the streets and into the classroom.

Watoto Mtaani Project