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Shule's COVID-19 Response

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Coronavirus Pandemic Response

On June 18, 2021, Uganda entered into its second country-wide lockdown, putting the boys living on the streets at great risk. Shule Foundation is working tirelessly to make sure street-connected boys have access to food, health care, masks, hand sanitizer, and proper sanitation throughout the pandemic. In addition, we continue to quarantine boys at our center and will take them home once restrictions are lifted. Despite the risks involved, our team continues to work around the clock to support the country’s most vulnerable children during this global crisis.

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An estimated half a billion students were affected by prolonged school closures, and 24 million of the most marginalized children, of which half are boys, are at risk of never returning to a classroom.

Lockdowns have gravely affected families' ability to cover the costs of school fees, putting boys at risk of never going back to school. With your help, we can provide former street-connected boys with everything they need to return to learning in Uganda. Become a sponsor today!

The Shule Foundation is a charity organization working in Uganda born out of the desire for all children to realize their potential and be well-rounded individuals who can contribute to society – locally, nationally and globally.

“Shule” means “school” in Swahili and at Shule Foundation our focus is education. From the moment we meet a child living on the streets of Uganda our aim is to get them into the classroom, equipping them with all they need for a bright future.

Education is a human right. We believe this right should be protected, regardless of where a child lives or the socio-economic status of their family.

Through our programs, our charity organization works to expand the availability of quality educational opportunities — formal, technical and vocational — to marginalized children living across Uganda.

Success for us means imparting to children the knowledge, practical, business and entrepreneurial skills they need to become globally-minded citizens, to lift themselves out of poverty and breathe new life into their communities, their country and the world.

With an estimated 15,500 children living on the streets throughout four major districts of Uganda, Shule Foundation's Watoto Mtaani Project works with the most at-risk children in Kampala and Mbale.

Our charity organization conducts outreaches, as well as running a drop-in-center and a transitional home where we provide rehabilitation services, counseling, medical care, skills training, family reconciliation, educational sponsorship and so much more for the street-connected children of Uganda.

Through building relationships during our outreach visits, we see around 35-40 street-connected children visit our drop-in center each week. At the center they are able to eat two meals, take a shower, wash their clothes, participate in English and math classes, attend skills training workshops, receive counseling and enjoy board games and sports together.

We always provide homeless children in need of medical care with treatment and take those who we feel are ready to leave street life behind to our transitional home.