“The ultimate aim of any education system is to equip children with the numeracy, literacy and wider skills that they need to realize their potential – and that their countries need to generate jobs, innovation and economic growth.”  ~ Kevin Watkins, Senior Fellow at Brookings Centre for Universal Education

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Shule has several different programs, all with the same goal ~ Get boys off the streets and end empower them through educational opportunities - formal or vocational ~ that could use your support.

~ The Shule Computer Lab - First ever computer school just for street boys; join Shule as we bring computer skills to boys without access; click here to learn more

~ Shule Center for Eggsellence - Boys will learn how to humanly rear livestock and operate their own chicken business. The eggs will provide protein for the boys in our programs and generate income to sustain our work—a GREAT gift idea. Buy a chicken your loved one can name. Each chicken is only $10. Click here to learn more! 

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mentoring boys into becoming gentlemen

Shule Foundation is a 501C3 charity organization working with street-connected boys in Uganda, Africa. With an estimated 15,000 children living on the streets of Kampala, Shule Foundation works with the most marginalized boys in Uganda to break the cycle of street life, reintegrate them back into society, and through educational opportunities - formal or vocational - empower them to grow up to become socially aware, financially independent gentlemen. 

"Shule" means "school" in Swahili, and at Shule Foundation, our focus is education. From the moment we meet a boy living on the streets of Uganda, we aim to get that boy into the classroom - formal or vocational - equipping them with all they need for a bright future.

Education is a human right. We believe this right should be protected, regardless of where a child lives or their family's socio-economic status.

Through our programs, our charity organization works to expand the availability of quality learning opportunities — formal, technical, or vocational — to street boys living across Uganda, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to change their lives and reach their full potential. 

Shule's Watoto Mtaani ("street kids" in Swahili) Program conducts outreaches, operates a drop-in-center, and has a transitional home. In addition, we provide rehabilitation services, counseling, medical care, skills training, family reconciliation, educational sponsorship, and much more for the street boys of Uganda.

35-40 boys living on the streets visit us daily at our drop-in-center. We serve two nutritious meals and offer English, math, and computer classes, skills training workshops, and counseling. In addition, the boys can shower, wash their clothes, and enjoy board games and other extracurricular activities. We provide medical care, and boys ready to leave street life move into our transitional home.

Learn more about our work with street-connected boys here.