Skills Training Center

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Skills Training Center

Providing dignity, building relationships, and establishing a firm foundation....

Situated in the center of the Kisenyi slum, our Drop-In Center, open daily, offers services to homeless children to meet their basic needs.

We offer children two meals — breakfast and lunch — as well as a place to shower, wash their clothes, brush their teeth, get their haircut, play board games, watch movies, participate in skills training workshops, computer classes, and attend catch-up classes in English and Math.

The kids receive counseling and medical care and have fun gardening, running around, exercising, and receiving lots of love and encouragement. 

At the center, we create trust and forge strong relationships with the children still living on the streets and identify those ready to leave street life behind.

Building a solid foundation between the children and us plays a vital role in the child not returning to the street after moving them to our transitional home. 

You can help!

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