Kate Sullivan

Passed on September 28, 2014      Kate Sullivan

I was going to wait to launch my blog, but instead I have decided to use this opportunity to pay tribute to my friend Kate Sullivan who lost her battle to cancer on Sunday, September 28, surrounded by her family.

Kate and I met through a mutual friend over sixteen years ago. I liked her instantly. I knew I wanted to be her friend. So I asked her out on a date. We hung out courtside at a Knicks game and had a BLAST. Over the years our friendship grew, we then drifted apart, and then reunited after bumping into each other in Union Square several years ago. I was so excited to rekindle our friendship.

This is the second time cancer has stolen a loved one from me. The first time was on September 15, 2004 when my mother Katie passed and now again, September 28 robbing me of my friend Kate. It never occurred to me that Kate would lose this battle. I believed her determination to live would prevail. She would be like Richard, a Murray Hills fixture who has been living with cancer for over 30 years.  I was certain Kate would be here to grow old with me.

I will never forget the day Kate told me she had cancer. My heart stopped. Part of me still can’t believe that she was that sick. She carried herself with such grace, dignity, and a positive spirit. She made having cancer look easy.

I recall the first time I saw Kate with her new “do.” Kate and I had planned to meet for lunch at the Four Seasons Restaurant. And while I was waiting at the bar, in walks this stunning looking lady with very short, short, platinum blonde hair (the style ever woman wishes she could pull off, but the truth is most of us can’t!), wearing fabulous jewelry and a killer outfit, carrying the most amazing handbag ever. After a double take.  I realized this stunning looking lady was my friend Kate! “WOW! you wear cancer well,” I told her. Not that she wasn’t stunning with the great locks of hair she once had. But who needs hair when you have the Sullivan eyes and smile. I think her best look was the look she sported battling this horrible disease. She owned it and owned it well.

This is for you Kate……

Dearest Kate,

Thank you for all of the fun memories we have shared. I will never forget Capri, Rome, our trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, all the time we spent together in Paris and London (especially that G-d awful Valentine’s day…boys can be such JERKS), our most recent trip to Miami, and most all, the times we spent together right here in New York City.

Thank you for allowing me to shop in your closet. And for the one-of-a-kind Christian Louboutin boots. I will always think of you when I wear them. Thank g-d for me you you wear a size 10. HA!

I will not only mourn the loss of you, but the loss of all the time I did not spend with you while you were here, and all the time I will not get to spend with you, now that you are gone. I will mourn the loss of your friendship, your love for life, and your ray of shining light. And I will mourn the loss of everything I will not be able to share with you.

Thank you for allowing me to travel down this path with you. Unlike you Kate I don’t have a lot of friend, but then when you have a friend like you, you don’t need many. And that is probably why you were loved by so many.  It has been an honor and a privilege to call you my friend.

My heart goes out to your mother Barbara, no parent should outlive their child, your brothers and sisters, Megan, Matt, Jim, Jack, and Sarah who lost their biggest champion, to all of your nieces and nephews who lost the best aunt ever, to your cousins who you loved so much, and to all of your friends, myself included, who lost one of the best friends any person could have.

The world will shine a little less brighter now that you are gone. But in the heavens….that will be a whole different story.

I will miss you my friend! May you rest in peace along with your dad and uncle.

With love,

Your brokenhearted friend


Kate and Matt Sullivan


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