The Unseen Struggles: Boys’ Educational Challenges

Breaking the Mold: Navigating Educational Challenges for Boys As someone deeply passionate about addressing the unique hurdles boys face in their academic journey, it’s time to cast a spotlight on the shadows that have concealed these challenges for far too long. Out-of-school Children: A Heartbreaking Manifestation Whether in a remote village or a bustling city across Africa, the persistent sight of out-of-school children remains—a heartbreaking manifestation of untapped potential. Despite the urgency… Read More

Underwear Is A Luxury Street Boys Can’t Afford

The Forgotten Ones: The Impact of Street Boys Lacking Access to Underwear It is not uncommon to see young boys living on the streets in worn-out or tattered clothes that are either too big or too small and are mismatched. However, one crucial detail often goes unnoticed: the lack of underwear. Boys living on the streets face many challenges, and one of the most significant is their inability to access underwear. This… Read More

Sleep-out with the kids of Kisenyi

Boys sleeping under the street in Kisenyi, Kampala, Uganda.

The majority of children living on the streets in Uganda say the worst part of street life is NIGHTTIME. Once the sun goes down, life on the street becomes very dangerous.  During the night, children are forced to endure beatings and sexual assault, risk their stuff being stolen, and the potential of being arrested. Finding a safe place to sleep is one of the biggest challenges facing street-connected children. The two biggest culprits… Read More

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over. And what a year it’s been for Shule and our kids! Thank you for playing a big part in changing the lives of so many children who otherwise would be forgotten. This year, your support has helped us: – Maintain our programs at our skills training center in Kisneyi Slum, along with our outreaches in Mbale, making a difference in the lives of hundreds of… Read More

What About The Girls?

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In honor of International Day of the Girl Child, I have decided to publicly address a question I am constantly asked about our Watoto Mtaani project. “What about girls?” When it comes to our work with children living on the streets, we never set out to NOT help girls. Actually, when we moved the first group of kids off the streets, there was one girl in the group. Her name was Shadia…. Read More


THIS IS SHULE FOUNDATION, INC. OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO THE FABRICATED AND UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS MADE AGAINST US BY UNNAMED COWARDICE WRITERS IN SEVERAL PUBLICATIONS. Shule Foundation, Inc is a non-profit registered 501 C 3 organization in the United States. As such we are regulated by Government Regulations and Laws for non-profits and is in the same process in Uganda. The Shule Foundation, Inc in partnership with registered NGOs in Uganda assists disadvantage and… Read More

Celebrating One Year of Making A Difference for Street Kids

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Can you believe it’s been one year since we first opened the doors of Shule’s first transitional home in Uganda? Neither can we. But in the last 12 months, we’ve made incredible progress in helping street children take the first steps toward a brighter future – and it’s all thanks to generous supporters like you! Here’s a look at our first year.

Giving Street Kids A Safe Place To Go

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We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we better serve the children living on the streets? Are we making the best use our resources? Are we truly making an impact?” A friend of mine kept telling me I needed to open a Drop-In Center, suggesting that it would help in identifying the kids who are really serious about leaving street life behind. Aware of what a huge undertaking it would be, both when… Read More

The Six That Got Away

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When we began the Watoto Mtaani Project, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I’ve known that I wouldn’t be able to save them all, but losing six was tough – especially when I’d managed to lose four in the first three weeks.  I constantly ask myself was it my fault?  Could I have done things differently?     After the kids had finished detoxing and were able to think clearly, I… Read More

The Difference A Shower Makes

Showering in the slum of Kisenyi is not free. It costs 500 Ugandan Schillings (UGX), about 14 cents. For most of us, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money — but when you are a kid living on the streets, just trying to survive, 14 cents is hard to come by. And when a child can raise that money — they prefer to spend it on food or drugs instead of showering…. Read More