Sleeping In A Bed Is A Luxury Many Children Don’t Have.

People always say to me, “How do you do what you do?” “I couldn’t do it. It’s so sad. So, depressing.” From the moment I stepped foot on the continent of Africa more than 8 years ago, I don’t recall ever being overcome by sadness or getting depressed by the encounters I have. I believe that is a testament to the African people. They innately accept the lives they were born into, which to… Read More

Emma and Jude…Two Friends Who Lost Their Way!

Emmanuel and Jude found their way to Kisenyi together.  They never intended to leave home, let alone become street kids. One Sunday afternoon during the annual circumcision ceremony that takes place in their village, these two young boys got so wrapped up in the festivities that they lost their way. Not able to find their way back home, they somehow made it to Kampala, ending up in the slum of Kisenyi. They say they… Read More

Thank You for Helping Us Change Lives

Here at Shule Foundation, our goal is to improve the lives of the most impoverished children in Uganda, and across Africa through education. In addition to the many village children we’ve gotten to know, we have also been fortunate to spend time with the children of Kisenyi Slum – one of the largest slum in central Kampala. The children who live on these streets are some of the most marginalized in the… Read More

Guest Blog — Act of Humanity with Jackie Wolfson

Gallery | Posted on February 14, 2017 by Don Wilson Magazine Jackie Wolfson, is Co-Founder and CEO of the Shule Foundation. From New York, her passion is redesigning education across rural Africa and supporting humanity. I along with Okello Kelo Sam co-founded the Shule Foundation because of our belief that every child deserves access to a quality education no matter where they live. Our mission is to expand the reach and availability… Read More

How A Chance Encounter Changed Two People’s Lives Forever

In January 2015, I was invited by Dr. Susan Gazda, co-founder of Hope for Humans, to tag along with her and her camera crew, led by Tiff Gravel, while they filmed a documentary on Nodding Syndrome.*  Having followed the plight of the Invisible Children, I was curious and eager to visit Northern Uganda, to see for myself and learn more about the war between the Lord Resistance Army and President Yoweri Museveni…. Read More

The Invisible Street Kids of Kampala

Kisenyi street crying because he did not receive a Christmas presents.

There are the visible street kids. They are ones that can be found begging on the streets of Kampala. One of the boys living in Kisenyi collecting bottles to sell. And then —- there are the invisible street children who live within the confines of the Kisenyi Slum. It is the invisible street kids that I had the honor of meeting and spending time with over the past few weeks. This is… Read More

Making a Difference for Girls Living in Kisenyi Slum

For the majority of girls living in Uganda, access to sanitary pads – something we often take for granted – is rare. This is especially true in a place like Kisenyi Slum, one of the largest slums in central Kampala. In addition to the hunger, poverty and risk of abuse that are the norm here, girls living on the streets face some unique challenges when it comes to their health and hygiene. Without… Read More

Bringing Holiday Joy to the Children of Kisenyi Slum

Kisenyi Slum is one of the largest slums in central Kampala, and the children who live on these streets are some of the most marginalized in the world – scavenging for food and often subjected to all forms of abuse. Orphaned and without access to education, there is little chance to escape from a life of extreme poverty. In this season of hope and giving, we are working to bring a little joy… Read More

Dear #FLOTUS…Let’s talk about your “Go to College” video.

Dear FLOTUS, I recently watched your video, Go to College, and it made me wonder, “Why would the First Lady of the United States use her celebrity and influence to promote something that for so many young people around the globe is not option? What I mean by not being “an option” is: (1) the epidemic of failing educational systems that can be found in many countries around the world including our own,… Read More

9 Myths of Africa

This is my attempt to sort out what’s fact from what’s fiction: Across the globe, in highly developed and technologically advanced countries, citizens look to Africa with clouded understanding. Many people misunderstand the culture, values, and way of life of the citizens living on the continent. I thought I knew what to expect when I made my first journey back in 2008. I did my best to prepare myself to be surrounded… Read More