Shule Foundation, Inc is a non-profit registered 501 C 3 organization in the United States. As such we are regulated by Government Regulations and Laws for non-profits and is in the same process in Uganda.

The Shule Foundation, Inc in partnership with registered NGOs in Uganda assists disadvantage and street children through provision of medical care, education, shelter, feeding, sports and talent development. Our programs are financed directly by donations to The Shule Foundation. The Shule Foundation fundraises through an open, sincere system. Our financials are available and easily accessible for verification online for all to see.  All such funds donated to our organization go directly to cover the costs of all activities benefiting the children in which we serve.

Shule Foundation, Inc. has so far among others;

  1. Moved children off streets and reunited them with their families.
  2. Placed children in various schools (formal and technical and vocational) across Uganda.
  • Establish a drop-in-center for children.

Contrary to false reports by websites Watchdog Uganda and The Flip Side, and The Red Pepper Uganda, I Jacqueline Wolfson on behalf of Shule Foundation, Inc unequivocally states that we do not align to any political affiliation either in United Sates nor in Uganda and certainly do not fund or donate to political campaigns or politicians in any country. We do not divert any amount of donated funds to any person(s) or organization(s) that is not within our mission, nor do we participate in electioneering.

All contributions/donations made to the Shule Foundation are used to fund our ongoing open programs that are geared towards the betterment of the children of Uganda listed.

The Shule Foundation takes our NGO statues very seriously and would do nothing to jeopardize this privilege. Shule Foundation has been and will continue to abide and be regulated by rules governing Non-Governmental Organization within and without. We adhere to all guidelines and regulations put upon us by the governing bodies in all countries in which we work and Uganda is our start point.

Since 2014, our mission was and is to make quality education accessible to the continent’s most marginalized children starting in Uganda.  In partnership with registered NGOs in Uganda we work tirelessly to move children off the streets, reunite them with their families and return them back into the classroom.

To any person(s) or organization(s) that publicly states otherwise legal action will be taken against you.

Jacqueline Wolfson

7 Comments on “OPEN LETTER

  1. Hi Jacqueline! hope this note gets you in your good mood.its unfortunate to hear that from my fellow Ugandans trying to fight the efforts put forward towards helping our children. I read today’s(28/8/2018) red paper about you with ill feelings about the author.
    But i think the writer didn’t look at the core work you do towards my brothers and sisters on street. i have a lesson i learnt about so called learned Ugandans,they DO NOT have big Hearts-or helping hands. such people are funded to destroy the image of others..
    what i can say to you is continue spinning your wheels while doing the right thing God will always stand by your side.remember in Isaiah it goes no weapon laid against you will prosper(54:17).

  2. Hey Wolfson! I credit you from since you kicked off with your efforts of helping. Whatever noneses is said shouldn’t put you down or at a standstill, this Uganda, Africa and the Rulers not leaders we have.
    I would love to keep in touch with you because I also opened up an NGO to Ugandans but having issues here and there.
    I would love your advice when you give me a go head ahead of opening to you.
    Thank you.

  3. Alot will be said irrespective of their authenticity more especially in this political dilemma.
    The work of changing of lives of poor people is for us all but trying talk trash with intension to create a diversion I think is not responsible.

  4. Thank you Jackie for your exemplary work of supporting these marginalised children of Uganda, the street children.

    Its so important to see street children returning to school and being reunited with their families.
    However, its a pity to see some biased people who have never contributed to the wellbeing of street children instead reporting negatively about your great work of helping street children. Dont give, stay on course.

    Like wise, iam also willing to help when it comes to providing medical care to these street children

  5. I just want to comment on the six that ran away.
    You might be perplexed and vexed as to why these kids eventually run away despite the good things you do for them.

    The cause is drug dependency syndrome. They feel they cannot live without sniffing fuel or smoking drugs.They are already addicted to the drugs. Thats why they run back to Kisenyi. There is need to have Rehabilitation programs for them including COUNSELING

  6. Hello Jackie, Thank you for supporting these Street kids may God reward you abundantly