Making a Difference for Girls Living in Kisenyi Slum

For the majority of girls living in Uganda, access to sanitary pads – something we often take for granted – is rare. This is especially true in a place like Kisenyi Slum, one of the largest slums in central Kampala. In addition to the hunger, poverty and risk of abuse that are the norm here, girls living on the streets face some unique challenges when it comes to their health and hygiene.

Without access to these products, we’ve learned that girls here often use old clothes or share and reuse pads among their friends. As we work to bring holiday joy to the children living on the streets of Kisenyi Slum, we are also dedicated to making a difference for these girls by providing much-needed reusable sanitary pads.

During our time in Kampala, we have found ourselves in awe of these girls and women, who keep smiling despite the circumstances they were dealt. These are just a few of the girls we’ve met in Kampala, just a few of the lives that will be directly affected by your support. We need your help to purchase reusable sanitary pads, which will be distributed to girls in Kisenyi Slum. Your donation of any amount will help; just $10 buys 80 sanitary pads.

These girls, and all of us, are thankful for your generosity and dedication to our cause.