Twins in Uganda, Street kids of Kisenyi

Watoto Mtaani Update

I would like to begin by thanking everyone who has donating to our Watoto Mtaani campaign. The money we have raised so far will cover the cost to purchase the provisions needed for each child we will move out of the slum and into our rehab center – including a bed, mattress and sheets; mosquito netting; new clothing; and bathroom supplies. We are so grateful to you for making this happen for the kids.

But the real reason for this post is to update you on the status of our rehabilitation center.

When we launched the Watoto Mtaani campaign, we had secured a home for the children and were finalizing a partnership with AtinAfrika to help with the children’s rehabilitation. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to a full agreement and felt it best for our two organizations to part ways. This has delayed our efforts to move the children out of the slum and into an environment in which to begin their journey back to being kids.

Although this saddened us – because none of us want these kids to have to spend one more night living on the streets – we found this to be a blessing in disguise.

We searched for a new facility and new partners, and began the process to legally take responsibility for our first group of 20 children. And we’re happy to report we’ve been successful on all fronts!

We have signed a new lease for an 11-bedroom house on 1.5 acres of land in Bweyogerere, Uganda. It has tons of space for the kids to run around, the perfect set-up for a classroom, an area to garden, and so much more.

Our new facility will open on July 29, just two months away. We, along with the kids, are beyond excited. But there is still a lot to be done before the big move.

You can learn more about our Watoto Mtaani program, and how you can help here.

On behalf of the children, the entire Shule family and myself we thank you for your continued support. 

Photo Credit SoulJe Riddim Photography