Watoto Mtaani

street kids living in Kisenyi Slum, jackie Wolfson co-founder of Shule Foundation

Watoto Mtaani 

Asiyeonekana watoto mtaani means invisible street kid in Swahili ... and we believe that no child should be invisible.

In an effort to get kids off the streets, Shule Foundation has opened our first rehabilitation center in Uganda.

Newman's Own Foundation $500,000 Holiday Challenge

Support the Watoto Mtaani Project This Holiday Season!

Between Nov. 21 and Jan. 3, we are competing in the Newman's Own Foundation $500,000 Holiday Challenge – with weekly bonus challenges and a grand prize of $150,000! Funds raised support the Watoto Mtaani Project, moving children off the streets and providing for those still living in the slum.  

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Kisenyi Slum is one of the largest slums in central Kampala, and the children living on its streets are some of the most marginalized in the world. Abhorred and mistreated, they are vulnerable to physical, mental and sexual abuse, and many turn to substance use to dull the pain and simply put, "to forget." These invisible children sleep on the ground under makeshift shelters, eat only what they can scavenge, and lack access to even the most basic services — including showers, which cost money.

Your support allows us to give these children their childhood back. Just $75 allows a street kid to shower for a year.

Uganda has one of the largest populations of young people in the world — nearly half (48.5%) of its 41 million people are under the age of 15, making up the largest demographic group living in poverty within the country. Poverty, combined with neglect and sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse, are leading factors in children choosing to leave home to live on the streets. Convinced street life will somehow be better, they quickly learn it is not.

With an estimated 10,000 children living on the streets, Shule works with the most at-risk children in Kisenyi. We conduct outreach, and provide rehabilitation services, counseling, medical care, educational sponsorship and family reconciliation to some of the country's most disregarded children.

Kisenyi Outreach

Our Kisenyi outreach program provides children living on the street with access to medical care, clothing, friendship, guidance, and mentoring, paired with weekly hot meals and showers.

Kisenyi Outreach

Day in the Life of a Shule Kid

Our kids participate in a wide variety of activities and classes designed to give them the skills they need to succeed once they leave us. Learn more about A Day in the Life of a Shule Kid:

A Day in the Life

Watoto Mtaani Center

Our 11-bedroom Watoto Mtaani Center serves as an interim house and bridge between street and home life, providing the necessary timeline for each individual child to begin healing.

About Our Center

Meet the kids whose lives have been changed forever 
Watoto Mtaani Center

Front: Daniel, Wasswa, Shafiq, Hassan, Sarah, James, Jamil, Henry and Wandera.
Back: Ben, Steve, Dan, Benon, Tony, Paolo, Ochaya, Kato, Dan, Enoch, Jackie and Ashraf.
Fred in the far back.(Not pictured: Pius and Yassin)