Be A BoyMom Ambassador

"Boys are suffering just as much as girls. Every day Shule witnesses the effects that physical, mental, and sexual abuse has on boys. We can no longer pretend that our boys are ok. Something must be done to ensure boys grow up to become good gentlemen. It's the best gift we can give the girl child." ~ Jacqueline Wolfson - Founder - Shule Foundation

Boy Mom and Son Shule superhero Duo

Shule is calling on all Boymoms and your sons to join our Legion of Superheroes to improve the lives of street-connected boys in Uganda.

For the past 25 years, efforts to support the girl child have been prioritized over boys. Our objective is to establish a community of mothers and sons who recognize the obstacles boys face in modern times and commit to taking action. As superheroes, your mission is to become a crusader for disadvantaged boys living on the streets in Uganda!

The Shule Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501C3 status established in 2014. It focuses on helping boys who live on the streets in Uganda's slums. By providing necessary resources, the foundation aims to break the cycle of street life for these boys, reconnect them with their families, and support them throughout their educational journey, whether formal or vocational. The ultimate goal is for the boys to become socially conscious and financially independent gentlemen.

In Kampala's slums, around 2600 boys live full-time on the streets. These boys leave their homes due to poverty, abuse, and lack of education.

Boys in Uganda are denied:
  • adequate food
  • access to education
  • proper medical care
  • clothes, underwear, and shoes
  • ability to shower, wash their clothes, and cut their hair
  • a safe place to sleep
  • protection from the police
  • 1 in 5 boys are victims of sexual assault, *
  • 4 times more boys commit suicide the girls,
  • 50% of out-of-school children across the globe are boys, 
  • 98% of children living full-time on the streets are boys,
  • 7 out of 10 boys are recruited to become child soldiers,
  • 6.7% of male youth are unemployed compared to 6.3% of female youth

What Does It mean To Be a Shule Superhero Duo?

As a mother, you aim to nurture a compassionate, thoughtful, and socially conscious gentleman. By introducing your son to the harsh realities of life for boys living on the streets, you can help him understand a different perspective and make a positive impact on their lives. He will witness firsthand the challenges that less fortunate boys face and how you can work together to improve their circumstances.

By pledging to become a Shule Superhero Duo, you can significantly impact the lives of homeless boys in Uganda. This will also provide an opportunity for your son to learn about the challenges faced by children in other parts of the world. Your son can make a difference in the life of a peer living in a different country, while you can assist another mother who wants the best for her son but cannot provide proper care.

What do you do As A Shule Superhero Duo?

After signing the Shule Superhero Pledge, a member of the Shule team will contact you and your son to discuss ways you can positively impact the lives of homeless boys in Uganda.

Here are just a few ideas we have come up with:

  • Recruit other moms and their sons to join you in your superhero efforts. Launch a group in your school district.
  • Help spread the word about Shule's work on behalf of the boychild on your social media platforms.
  • Organize a drive for in-kind donations. We will let you know the things the boys need most.
  • Start a fundraiser and help keep our programs going. 100% of want you raise will go to the children we serve.

We have many fun ideas for you and your son that will create fond memories for you. 

You can use your new superpower with your son to make a difference in the lives of at-risk boys in Uganda. The Shule staff is committed to helping you and your son become the best superheroes you can be.

To receive the Boy Mom and Son Superhero Duo Pledge, please email Shule at Let's work together towards making the world a better place for the BoyChild.