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Shule Means "School" in Swahili.

263 million children around the world are being denied their basic human right to quality education.

Together we can change that.

When you buy a Shule Shirt For Good you are not just helping to fund our programs, you are giving a voice to the millions of voiceless children living on the streets who do not have the option of going to school.

Purchase a Shule Shirt today. Let the world know you support quality education for all.

100% of the proceeds help fund our outreach program and skills training facility in Uganda.

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Have you gotten your #ShuleShirtsForGood? Join me in supporting @Shule_Foundation, dedicated to building schools and expanding the reach and availability of quality #education for children in rural Uganda. Get your t-shirt today, and change a child’s life forever:


So excited to show my support for @Shule Foundation, which supports improved access to quality education for children living in rural Uganda. Education is a basic human right and we must protect that right – for ALL children, no matter where they live. Get your #ShuleShirtsForGood today, and help bring life-changing education to children in need.