Support The Boy Child!

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"A neglected boy child generally grows up to be a bigger danger to society than girls."

"We need to protect the boy child from the harmful influences of society. There is an urgent need to focus on the home and school in order to save the boy child. The boy child lives in a turbulent social environment that makes him vulnerable to a multitude of negative forces. If a boy child is neglected or fed a diet of hate and violence, he will obviously develop into a misguided and confused teenager. And the next crucial transition into manhood will be even more difficult." ~ Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh 

COVID has been hard on all of us, but it has been especially cruel to those who live below the poverty line. 

In Uganda, schools are still closed, most have not recovered financially, physical and sexual abuse are on the rise, parents are stressed, and people are starving. Children are suffering, and boys are bearing the brunt of it. 

More and more boys are taking to the streets seeking refuge from the abuse at home. Kids are looking to make money just to survive. Unfortunately, life on the streets is not that simple.

At Shule's Drop-In-Center, we offer boys on the streets a haven from the harshness of street life.  At our center, the kids participate in various educational and creative classes, receive counseling, and attend Sunday School in order to prepare the kids to go home and back to school.

100% of your donation will cover the costs of our various rehabilitation and sponsorship programs.

Studies show more than 50% of out of school children in developing nations will not return to school when they reopen.