Transitional Home

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Watoto Mtaani Transitional Home

A place for healing, learning and reconciliation…

Welcoming former street children from age 9 to 17, Shule's Watoto Mtaani Transitional Home serves as an interim boys' home and a bridge between street life and home life.

We believe that to help street-connected children in Uganda, they first need time to heal, and this children’s home near to Uganda’s capital provides the time and space for them to begin healing from the trauma of street life and substance use.

Located in Bweyogerere, our children have lots of space to breathe, to run around and to be children again.

The Watoto Mtaani Home provides a loving home environment for the children as they make the important transition from street life back to home life.

The aim is always for the children to return to their homes, with their own families, through Shule's reconciliation and resettlement program.

Activities & Classes:

English & Math -  A lot of the children that come to the transitional home are between 11 and 16 and will not return to formal education but will pursue technical or vocational careers. We focus their learning on improving English and math skills to ensure success in their future careers.

Shule Foundation, Jackie Wolfson, street kids, Uganda, Kisenyi, education, drop in center, rehabilitation. boxingBoxing -  has a really positive impact on the children. It helps with self-discipline, determination and focus, as well as teaching them to control their anger and aggression. It enhances physical and mental health too.

Yoga & Meditation - A daily practice that has assisted in the development of balance, strength, endurance and aerobic capability; yoga has also enhanced the children’s focus, memory and academic performance. Self-esteem increases and anxiety decreases when yoga is part of their daily lives.

Soccer - Shule Foundation, Jackie Wolfson, street kids, Uganda, Kisenyi, education, drop in center, rehabilitation , soccer, futballis an activity that brings the children together and shows the importance of hard work and teamwork, as well as teaching valuable lessons about both success and disappointment.

Board Games - such as Scrabble, Chess and Monopoly teach important social skills such as verbal communication, sharing, waiting and taking turns. These types of games also foster focus and lengthen attention spans and they play a vital role in bringing children together at the end of each day.

Skill Building - We offer a range of vocational skills workshops such as liquid soap making, tailoring, leatherwork, baking, mechanics, farming and computer training. Our aim is that through teaching these skills many will go on to start their own businesses, becoming job creators rather than job seekers.

Physical & Mental Care:

 Resettlement, Reconciliation

Family reconciliation and resettlement is integral to our program. Through family mapping and interviews we identify the best caregivers for the child to ensure a safe and loving home after they leave us. 

Emergency and Medical Care

The children we meet on the streets have often turned to substance misuse as a result of exposure to violent and traumatic situations. Doctors will organize minor surgeries to treat septic wounds, deep cuts, and chronic illnesses and all children receive HIV/AIDS testing and deworming.


Children that come and stay at our home can suffer from hopelessness, impulsivity, anxiety and emotional instability. Our aim is to motivate, encourage and instil self-belief in all the children we care for.

Counseling and Rehabilitation

Our social workers spend time with the children while they are with us at our interim children’s home, providing counseling and guidance both in a group and on an individual basis. They discuss issues such as substance abuse, peer influence, HIV/AIDS, problems at home and conflict resolution.

*all the above are offered at Shule's Transitional Home and Drop-In-Center.

Education Sponsorship –

Education is the cornerstone of our program because a lack of proper schooling is what keeps children on the streets. Our goal is to ignite a desire to learn within the children and build skills that will carry them forward into a better future. When a child completes our program at the transitional home, we work with them to figure out their next step in education & training.

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